How to write a thesis statement

How to write a thesis statement

What is a Thesis Statement?

The plagiarism free thesis statement is the sentence that outlines the main idea of a writing assignment and assists in keeping the ideas under control in the paper. It is not just a topic. It often represents an opinion or vision that a writer has got about a reading or his/her personal experience. For example,  Tocqueville thought that the domestic role the majority of women had in America was the role giving them the most power, and idea that is rather disputable today.

What Constitutes a Strong Thesis Statement?

A strong thesis statement provides direction to the paper and limits what exactly one should write about. It is at the same time intended to inform the readers of what is going to be discussed in the body of the text. Every single part of a plagiarism free essay should explain, back up, or argue with the thesis stated.

A strong thesis statement that you buy online needs to be proved, it is not just a statement of fact. One should back up his/her thesis statement with detailed evidence. This will make your paper interesting and motivate readers to keep reading.

Sometimes it is good to mention your supporting ideas in the plagiarism free thesis. An example of this could be as follows: John Updike’s Trust Me is a priceless novel for a University syllabus because it enables the reader to get acquainted with his writing and gives themes that are connected rather easily to other books. The body of your plagiarism free essay can contain a couple of paragraphs to support each idea. If you deliver plagiarism free thesis statement in such a way it will help you keep control of your ideas.

Where Would the Thesis Statement Go?

A good idea would be to place your plagiarism free thesis statement at the end of your introduction, so   that you could use it to lead into the body of your plagiarism free essay. This gives your the        opportunity, as the writer, to lead up to the thesis statement instead of getting directly to the topic. In case you put the plagiarism free thesis statement at the beginning, the reader may forget the main idea by the time when the introduction ends. In our custom essay writing service we always state that a good introduction prompts and conceptualizes the thesis statement.

Tips for Writing Plagiarism Free Statements

You should know the topic. Basing on what you know the length of the final document required, limit your topic to a certain area. A wider scope will normally require a longer work, whereas a narrow scope will be substantially proven by a shorter work.

Brainstorm. If you have a problem with starting your paper or writing your plagiarism free thesis, take a piece of paper and put down everything coming to mind about your topic. Did you arrive at any new ideas or interconnections. Can you separate any of the issue you come across down to categories? Dis you discover any themes? Use ideas generated in the course of this process to form your thesis statement and your work.

Tips for Writing Your Thesis Statement

  1. Determine what type of paper you are writing:
  • An analytical paper splits an issue into separate components, assesses the issue, and delivers this breakdown to the audience.
  • An expository paper explains the idea to the audience.
  • An argumentative paper claims a topic and justifies this claim with certain evidence. This claim can be an opinion, a policy proposal, an assessment, an interpretation, or a cause-and-effect statement. The aim of the argumentative work is to persuade the readers that the claim is true with the help of the evidence provided.

In case you are writing a text that it beyond these three categories (for instance, a narrative), a thesis statement somewhere in the first paragraph will still be useful for the readers.

  1. Your thesis statement must be precise – it must cover only the ideas that are going to be discussed in your plagiarism free work and must be backed up with certain evidence.
  2. The thesis statement normally appears at the end of the first paragraph of a work.
  3. Your topic might change while you are writing, so that you might need to reconsider your plagiarism free thesis statement to reflect precisely what you have discussed in your work.

Examples of Thesis Statement

Look at an example of a plagiarism free analytical thesis statement:

A research of the university admission process showed a challenge counselors faced: accepting students with high test scores or those with good extracurricular backgrounds.

The following paper should:

  • Explain the research
  • Explain the challenge counselors faced

Look at an expository thesis statement example:

The life of a university student is characterized by the time he/she spends on studying, attending classes, and socializing with classmates.

The following paper should:

  • Explain how students spend their time studying, attending classes, and socializing with classmates

Look at an argumentative thesis statement example:

High school graduates should take a year off to carry out community service job before they enter a college to step up their maturity and entire awareness.

The following paper should:

  • Deliver an argument and provide evidence to support the claim that learners should carry out community job before entering a university