How to Write an Abstract

How to Write an Abstract

Online search databases normally show only abstracts, therefore, it is important to write a complete but short description of your plagiarism free essay to tempt potential readers to get a copy of the full work. This article demonstrates how to write a good abstract for both journal and conference papers. Our custom essay writing service sticks to a checklist comprising: motivation, approach, problem statement, results, and certain conclusions. If you follow this checklist people will more likely consider the possibility of reading your full plagiarism free essay.


Today, the usage of online essay databases prevails. Subsequently, writing a good plagiarism free abstract becomes really critical and much more important than it was ten years ago. Abstracts are actually what is selling your plagiarism free essays. Still, now, instead of just persuading the reader to continue reading the remaining part of the enclosed plagiarism free essay, an abstract should force the reader to get out of the office and go to the library to trace a copy of the work  (or even worse, get one after a long wait via inter-library loan). As far as business concerned, an “executive summary” appears to be the only part of a plagiarism free report to be read by those who care. It should be the same in terms of the content as a journal article abstract.

Checklist: Sections of an Abstract

In spite of the fact that a plagiarism free abstract is rather short, it makes virtually the same amount of work as the complete document following it. If we take a computer architecture article, it should include certain sections. Each section is normally a single sentence, still there exists room for a creative person to elaborate. Sections may merge or spread across a number of sentences. Our custom essay writing service suggests the following checklist for your plagiarism free abstract.


Why would we care about the problem and the end results? In case the problem does not seem to be very acute place motivation first. Should your plagiarism free paper present vivid progress in solving a problem people treat as significant, it would be better to place the problem statement at the beginning to show which part of the bigger problem you break off to dwell on. This part should demonstrate the significance of your work, the complexity of the area, and the effect it would have if everything goes successfully.

Problem statement

What problem do you try to settle? What is the amount of your work (a general approach, or for a certain situation)? Try and avoid too much specific jargon. Sometimes it is good to place the problem statement prior to the motivation, but normally it works only in cases when the majority of readers already realize why the problem at point is vital.


What do you do to solve the problem or progress in this area? Did you use analytic models, simulation, prototype development, or analyzed field data for a specific product? How much time and effort did you spend on your work (did you use one application or tens of programs in a number of programming languages?) What significant variables did you control, assess, or ignore?


What is in the end? The majority of excellent computer architecture documents contain conclusion that something started to work much faster, or became smaller, cheaper, or merely better than another thing.  Cite the outcome in your plagiarism free essay, better in numbers. Try not to use vague results. Do not use the words “very”, “little”, or “important”. You may only be given a chance to be vague if you demonstrate orders-of-magnitude bettering. See to it that you do not cite numbers that can be misinterpreted, but at the same time remember that you do not necessarily have to respond to all cautions.


What are the implications of the outcome? Will it change the entire world (does not seem to be the case), deliver a significant progress, or just be an indication that this route is not worth spending time on (all results mentioned are considered to be useful)? Can your results be generalized or they are intended for a specific situation?

Other Considerations

A plagiarism free abstract you obtain from our custom essay writing service will always be an absolutely self-contained description of the document. Our readers will never be guessing what was meant by any vague formulation. It will be clear and readable all by itself. There are some issues to be considered: